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Bloomy Day

Woman and Cars. One and the Same.
ON Tuesday, May 26, 2015
AT 8:09 PM
Assalamualaikum and Good Morning!
Hari ni Miss-Tau-Nak-Start-Kereta-Ja bawak kereta pi bengkel.  Ok, for those who probably dont already know,  woman and cars are really two incredible species.  Because they are both the same.  And when i meant by "the same",  i meant High Maintenance. 
It's true.  Woman have high demands and it takes a special kind of care to really take care of them (me)  and the same can be said for cars.  They need to be serviced every month and when it's time for the repairs,  it cost you a fortune. It is that expensive.
So we all know that opposites attract.  Take the magnet for example. If both side of the same pole are to be put near each other,  they will repel.  And for opposite sides of the poles,  they would attract.  Cars and woman are pretty much the same.  So they REPEL. 
Woman (most woman anyway)  are really clueless about cars.  Man,  on the way,  are really interested in cars.  Get the idea?  Man and woman equals to Man and Cars.  They enjoy the company. 
To tell you the truth,  i only got this revelation about 5 minutes ago when i took the car to the workshop to have it repaired.  And let me tell you,  i know nothing about cars.  Nothing.  Na-da. 
Whenever i go to the workshop,  i must have someone (a dude, preferably)  accompany me or else i might get conned or get tricked or something.  It has happend before, that is why im not taking any chances.
Here are the things i managed to learn over the past year since i got a car. 
1. Always check your Engine Oil,  Water and Battery. 
I mean,  without fail.  We have been guilty of starting our cars and just drove and we never thought to check all these essentials.  That is the reason guys look at us scornfully and say Girls are Unreliable.  Damn Stereotypes. 
Before any journey,  check to see these 3 things.  They are very important. Check the Engine Oil to see if it needs to be changed,  the water so that the temperature does not get hot,  and the battery if it needs to be charged or filled with battery water. 
2. Always Compare Prices First Before Repairing or Replacing Any Parts of the Car. 
Worst case scenario,  some places might put a higher price on something that is actually cheap.  Lets take for example changing your car's Break Pads.  Iknow in some places they are priced a little higher than other and the reason for this is because the guy at the workshop said that this particular brand is "high quality".  A few months after that the Break Pad wears off and I went to a different store and this time,  it was at a much cheaper price.  I dont know if the brand might not be the same,  or if the quality differs,  so im not judging.  All im saying is that survey the price in a few different workshop and stores first before anything. 
3. Have a toolbag ready in the car
Yes,  we have no idea how to change our own car tyres,  but chancea are,  if we do have a flat tyre and we ask a friend or a handsome stranger (please dont do this.  You might not know this hunk's intentions. ) to help out,  it would be easier for them to change it then and there and use the spare tyre at the back of the car.  (ladies,  do you know this?)
So make sure to have a toolbag ready in the car at all times. 
4. You do need to change your tyres, eventually. 
Ladies,  we know that the tyres still look like tyres. And they probably will continue to look like that for a very long time.  But that does not mean,  that you can use them forever. 
Tyres have these patterns on them that are important for that gripping and friction power.  If you see that the pattern are slowly fading, you might want to think about changing them,  soon.  It is dangerous if the tyres dont have that gripping power because on a rainy day,  you might slip and slide (not you, but the car.  But since you are inside,  you too are involved in the slipping and sliding)  and it can cause you to lose control of the car. 
I personally experience this,  which is why i am doing just that; changing my tyres. It might be pricey,  but think of the lives you might save.  Including your own. 

For now,  that is all that i can think of. Being in a workshop really does help a girl think. 
Even Toretto took care of his cars, all the time.  You can see him in his workshop like,  most of the time in the movies.  That's why he can afford to actually race.  Cos he knows his cars are in good condition.  But honestly, dont do that. Thats Toretto.  Unless you're Toretto,  just dont race.  Period.