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Bloomy Day

How to Inspire Your Day
ON Saturday, August 1, 2015
AT 11:44 AM

Good Day Bloomies, are you feeling inspired today? I know it is definitely hard to STAY Inspired. Being inspired? Definitely the easy part.

A few weeks ago, as I was scrolling down my Pinterest board ( officially addicted. It is MY source of Inspiration there) and I saw these 12 tips to stay inspired and motivated. I forgot who pinned this but it is an absolute genius. And by genius, i mean Completely Do-Able. I know a lot of people might already know these but i have been loving them since I found them , so im just trying to go to a point of Maintaining them.

So, first of all, the first Top 3 is KEEPING HEALTHY.

1. Drink A LOT of H2O.

A cup of water in the morning will boost your systems and is definitely one of the way to keep fit. Plus, water is good for you. Keeps you hydrated and we all know what that means.

2. Move & Sweat

Daily exercise is good for you body because it increase you energy level , improve you mood and relieve stress. You dont have to do anything super aggressive, just something that gets your body moving and make you sweat. Like this morning, i decided that i want to follow my little brother and ride the bike around the neighbourhood. Im still sweating right now.

3. Get som Zzzz!

You need sleep! I need sleep! Everybody needs sleep. And the perfect thing about it is that sleeping actually helps your body Heal. So dont be ashamed when people call you a sleepy head or that you sleep most of the time cos you can tell those people your body is HEALING.

After that, the next 3 is all about PLANNING YOUR DAY.

4. Top 3 Task

So we all have our goals, right? Or something that we want to achieve. But that is soo big it might get you a little bit intimidated. How about we take it down a notch and just focus on 3 tasks that you want to achieve THAT DAY. Or in other words, Today. When you wake up, make a  list of 3 things you want to achieve today, and focus on doing that. Tomorrow you do the same, and it continues day after day. Soon you will be able to achieve that big goal of yours in a much orderly manner.

5. 50/10 rule.

Anybody heard of the 50/ 10 rule ? Me neither. I have never actually heard of it before so i was a bit confused. It turns out this is actually a rule that tells you to spend 50 mins doing one important task and then take 10 mins break after that. The thought of doing a big project is terrifying because you know that is a lot of work. So scheduling breaks will make it easier because you can look forward to actually resting for a while before continuing . It makes it look do-Able.

6. Reflect Daily.

Every night before going to bed, think about what you did today. What you have accomplish, who you've met, what you've done and how you can make it better. Take 10 minutes to do this everyday so that you can evaluate yourself. This is soo important and soo many of us (including me) are guilty of neglecting this simple task. Self evaluation is a way for us to see how far we've come, and the things we wished we did differently.

The next 3 tips is all about LEARNING.

7. Reading.

Yes. Reading. Sounds cliche. Reading a book, or the newspaper or just about anything you can Read (apart from text messages) will increase your knowledge and keep you inspired. Its ok to be a book worm. They may look like nerds on the outside, but inside that head of theirs is a magical fantasy place filled with infinite possibilities .

8. Browsing.

Do you know what this means? You know how when you want to know something you "browse through the internet" ? Yep. Get online , watch tutorials, and learn something you did not know before. The Internet is a wonderful place to find great ideas. For me, i LOVEEEE Pinterest. There's so many tutorials, tips and tricks, hacks, DIY projects there that just makes me feel like doing something. You learn ALOT through browsing.

9. Brainstorming

Whenever you get a task to do, in a team or individually, you kind of have to think of new ideas , new things to do. It's called brainstorming. Usually before brainstorming, you need to be able to know the task really well. Browsing for ideas is good. But when you get together with your friends and each one of them have ideas of their own and everybody start pitching in ideas, that is the ultimate solution. Because you guys might stumble on something when you were discussing and brainstorming that it might be a goldmine. Brainstorming is really something that gets me inspired. You nevwr know how many creative people are out there.

Finally,the last 3 tips are on Focusing on What Make YOU Happy.

10.  Express Gratitude

Take a minute to think of 10 things that you are absolutely grateful of. Ready? Go!

Ok, so share your gratification heree. Im going to share my top 10 things i am absolutely grateful for.

a- I am Grateful to be alive
b- I am Grateful that i am healthy
c- I am Grateful for my wonderful loving supportive family
d- I am Grateful for my grades
e- I am Grateful that i always have enough to eat.
f- I am Grateful that i can choose what i want to do.
g- I am Grateful to have people around me that are always looking out for me
h- I am Grateful for being able to still rode a bike without falling.
i- I am Grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.
j- But most importantly, I am Grateful to ALLAH SWT for always loving me and protecting me and giving me the chance to do so many things.

11. Clean You Desk

A clean desk is a happy desk. It is your workspace, the place you sit and see everyday. If it is tidy and clean, you will infinite possibilities can be achieved. If it is messy, you are gonna be so stressed that you feel as if nothing is possible. While you're at it, make it seem lively as possible. What is you style? Do you like colours? Are you the kind of person you loves a good sofisticated look or the one you gets inspired with pretty pictures with  inspirational quotes? Then do it! Make your desk something you want to look forward to everyday because it makes you feel special.

I dont have a desk in my room, but i do have a vanity table that i decorate with those cute stringy lights and a frame with some inspiring quotes.

12. Indulge in your favourite things.

It is ok to indulge. Once in a while. My only guilty confession is that i tend to indulge ALL THE TIME. Because i have soo many favourite things. Buttt, this isnt just about indulging in tangible things. Sometimes setting aside time to do something you like, for example playing with you cat, or travelling or even just doing some DIYs ( that is me ) , will make you feel really happy. Life can get in the way of your favourite things. What with social media taking over our lives. And deadlines prying our every waking hour. But when you put that aside and do something that is not related to all of that, and do something you have always wanted to do, you will feel pretty darn good about yourself.

So how about it? Are you inspired yet?