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Bloomy Day

How to Inspire Your Day
ON Saturday, August 1, 2015
AT 11:44 AM

Good Day Bloomies, are you feeling inspired today? I know it is definitely hard to STAY Inspired. Being inspired? Definitely the easy part.

A few weeks ago, as I was scrolling down my Pinterest board ( officially addicted. It is MY source of Inspiration there) and I saw these 12 tips to stay inspired and motivated. I forgot who pinned this but it is an absolute genius. And by genius, i mean Completely Do-Able. I know a lot of people might already know these but i have been loving them since I found them , so im just trying to go to a point of Maintaining them.

So, first of all, the first Top 3 is KEEPING HEALTHY.

1. Drink A LOT of H2O.

A cup of water in the morning will boost your systems and is definitely one of the way to keep fit. Plus, water is good for you. Keeps you hydrated and we all know what that means.

2. Move & Sweat

Daily exercise is good for you body because it increase you energy level , improve you mood and relieve stress. You dont have to do anything super aggressive, just something that gets your body moving and make you sweat. Like this morning, i decided that i want to follow my little brother and ride the bike around the neighbourhood. Im still sweating right now.

3. Get som Zzzz!

You need sleep! I need sleep! Everybody needs sleep. And the perfect thing about it is that sleeping actually helps your body Heal. So dont be ashamed when people call you a sleepy head or that you sleep most of the time cos you can tell those people your body is HEALING.

After that, the next 3 is all about PLANNING YOUR DAY.

4. Top 3 Task

So we all have our goals, right? Or something that we want to achieve. But that is soo big it might get you a little bit intimidated. How about we take it down a notch and just focus on 3 tasks that you want to achieve THAT DAY. Or in other words, Today. When you wake up, make a  list of 3 things you want to achieve today, and focus on doing that. Tomorrow you do the same, and it continues day after day. Soon you will be able to achieve that big goal of yours in a much orderly manner.

5. 50/10 rule.

Anybody heard of the 50/ 10 rule ? Me neither. I have never actually heard of it before so i was a bit confused. It turns out this is actually a rule that tells you to spend 50 mins doing one important task and then take 10 mins break after that. The thought of doing a big project is terrifying because you know that is a lot of work. So scheduling breaks will make it easier because you can look forward to actually resting for a while before continuing . It makes it look do-Able.

6. Reflect Daily.

Every night before going to bed, think about what you did today. What you have accomplish, who you've met, what you've done and how you can make it better. Take 10 minutes to do this everyday so that you can evaluate yourself. This is soo important and soo many of us (including me) are guilty of neglecting this simple task. Self evaluation is a way for us to see how far we've come, and the things we wished we did differently.

The next 3 tips is all about LEARNING.

7. Reading.

Yes. Reading. Sounds cliche. Reading a book, or the newspaper or just about anything you can Read (apart from text messages) will increase your knowledge and keep you inspired. Its ok to be a book worm. They may look like nerds on the outside, but inside that head of theirs is a magical fantasy place filled with infinite possibilities .

8. Browsing.

Do you know what this means? You know how when you want to know something you "browse through the internet" ? Yep. Get online , watch tutorials, and learn something you did not know before. The Internet is a wonderful place to find great ideas. For me, i LOVEEEE Pinterest. There's so many tutorials, tips and tricks, hacks, DIY projects there that just makes me feel like doing something. You learn ALOT through browsing.

9. Brainstorming

Whenever you get a task to do, in a team or individually, you kind of have to think of new ideas , new things to do. It's called brainstorming. Usually before brainstorming, you need to be able to know the task really well. Browsing for ideas is good. But when you get together with your friends and each one of them have ideas of their own and everybody start pitching in ideas, that is the ultimate solution. Because you guys might stumble on something when you were discussing and brainstorming that it might be a goldmine. Brainstorming is really something that gets me inspired. You nevwr know how many creative people are out there.

Finally,the last 3 tips are on Focusing on What Make YOU Happy.

10.  Express Gratitude

Take a minute to think of 10 things that you are absolutely grateful of. Ready? Go!

Ok, so share your gratification heree. Im going to share my top 10 things i am absolutely grateful for.

a- I am Grateful to be alive
b- I am Grateful that i am healthy
c- I am Grateful for my wonderful loving supportive family
d- I am Grateful for my grades
e- I am Grateful that i always have enough to eat.
f- I am Grateful that i can choose what i want to do.
g- I am Grateful to have people around me that are always looking out for me
h- I am Grateful for being able to still rode a bike without falling.
i- I am Grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.
j- But most importantly, I am Grateful to ALLAH SWT for always loving me and protecting me and giving me the chance to do so many things.

11. Clean You Desk

A clean desk is a happy desk. It is your workspace, the place you sit and see everyday. If it is tidy and clean, you will infinite possibilities can be achieved. If it is messy, you are gonna be so stressed that you feel as if nothing is possible. While you're at it, make it seem lively as possible. What is you style? Do you like colours? Are you the kind of person you loves a good sofisticated look or the one you gets inspired with pretty pictures with  inspirational quotes? Then do it! Make your desk something you want to look forward to everyday because it makes you feel special.

I dont have a desk in my room, but i do have a vanity table that i decorate with those cute stringy lights and a frame with some inspiring quotes.

12. Indulge in your favourite things.

It is ok to indulge. Once in a while. My only guilty confession is that i tend to indulge ALL THE TIME. Because i have soo many favourite things. Buttt, this isnt just about indulging in tangible things. Sometimes setting aside time to do something you like, for example playing with you cat, or travelling or even just doing some DIYs ( that is me ) , will make you feel really happy. Life can get in the way of your favourite things. What with social media taking over our lives. And deadlines prying our every waking hour. But when you put that aside and do something that is not related to all of that, and do something you have always wanted to do, you will feel pretty darn good about yourself.

So how about it? Are you inspired yet?

Woman and Cars. One and the Same.
ON Tuesday, May 26, 2015
AT 8:09 PM
Assalamualaikum and Good Morning!
Hari ni Miss-Tau-Nak-Start-Kereta-Ja bawak kereta pi bengkel.  Ok, for those who probably dont already know,  woman and cars are really two incredible species.  Because they are both the same.  And when i meant by "the same",  i meant High Maintenance. 
It's true.  Woman have high demands and it takes a special kind of care to really take care of them (me)  and the same can be said for cars.  They need to be serviced every month and when it's time for the repairs,  it cost you a fortune. It is that expensive.
So we all know that opposites attract.  Take the magnet for example. If both side of the same pole are to be put near each other,  they will repel.  And for opposite sides of the poles,  they would attract.  Cars and woman are pretty much the same.  So they REPEL. 
Woman (most woman anyway)  are really clueless about cars.  Man,  on the way,  are really interested in cars.  Get the idea?  Man and woman equals to Man and Cars.  They enjoy the company. 
To tell you the truth,  i only got this revelation about 5 minutes ago when i took the car to the workshop to have it repaired.  And let me tell you,  i know nothing about cars.  Nothing.  Na-da. 
Whenever i go to the workshop,  i must have someone (a dude, preferably)  accompany me or else i might get conned or get tricked or something.  It has happend before, that is why im not taking any chances.
Here are the things i managed to learn over the past year since i got a car. 
1. Always check your Engine Oil,  Water and Battery. 
I mean,  without fail.  We have been guilty of starting our cars and just drove and we never thought to check all these essentials.  That is the reason guys look at us scornfully and say Girls are Unreliable.  Damn Stereotypes. 
Before any journey,  check to see these 3 things.  They are very important. Check the Engine Oil to see if it needs to be changed,  the water so that the temperature does not get hot,  and the battery if it needs to be charged or filled with battery water. 
2. Always Compare Prices First Before Repairing or Replacing Any Parts of the Car. 
Worst case scenario,  some places might put a higher price on something that is actually cheap.  Lets take for example changing your car's Break Pads.  Iknow in some places they are priced a little higher than other and the reason for this is because the guy at the workshop said that this particular brand is "high quality".  A few months after that the Break Pad wears off and I went to a different store and this time,  it was at a much cheaper price.  I dont know if the brand might not be the same,  or if the quality differs,  so im not judging.  All im saying is that survey the price in a few different workshop and stores first before anything. 
3. Have a toolbag ready in the car
Yes,  we have no idea how to change our own car tyres,  but chancea are,  if we do have a flat tyre and we ask a friend or a handsome stranger (please dont do this.  You might not know this hunk's intentions. ) to help out,  it would be easier for them to change it then and there and use the spare tyre at the back of the car.  (ladies,  do you know this?)
So make sure to have a toolbag ready in the car at all times. 
4. You do need to change your tyres, eventually. 
Ladies,  we know that the tyres still look like tyres. And they probably will continue to look like that for a very long time.  But that does not mean,  that you can use them forever. 
Tyres have these patterns on them that are important for that gripping and friction power.  If you see that the pattern are slowly fading, you might want to think about changing them,  soon.  It is dangerous if the tyres dont have that gripping power because on a rainy day,  you might slip and slide (not you, but the car.  But since you are inside,  you too are involved in the slipping and sliding)  and it can cause you to lose control of the car. 
I personally experience this,  which is why i am doing just that; changing my tyres. It might be pricey,  but think of the lives you might save.  Including your own. 

For now,  that is all that i can think of. Being in a workshop really does help a girl think. 
Even Toretto took care of his cars, all the time.  You can see him in his workshop like,  most of the time in the movies.  That's why he can afford to actually race.  Cos he knows his cars are in good condition.  But honestly, dont do that. Thats Toretto.  Unless you're Toretto,  just dont race.  Period. 

Let's De-Stress
ON Monday, May 25, 2015
AT 10:39 AM

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning dunia Blogger.

*rasa macam buat speech depan budak sekolah*

I know a lot of you guys might probably have gone through a lot of stressful events.  Or you guys might feel stress by your surroundings. Or you guys are just born with stress.  *joke dude, joke. *

Whatever the case may be,  i have a few simple tips to help you de-stress,  MYYY WAAAYYY *evil grin*. But honestly,  some of these do actually work. 

1. SLEEPING.  *duh*

It has been proven that with sleep,  you put your brain in a deep sleep which allows it to rest and in a way,  your stress will eventually melt away.  I take this tip Waaayyy to serious because I sleep ALL THE TIME. 

2. Watch A Favourite Movie

I dont really know how legit this is,  but for me,  i cant really watch just any kind of movie.  The ones that i do watch to destress are animes and cartoons because they are too cute and funny and you end up laughing all the time.  My all time favourite anime "CardCaptor Sakura".  Now,  dont judge.  It's actually pretty good.  It was my very first anime that I watch as a kid and still do until now.

It difers for everybody.  You might have a love for action movies,  or even thrillers and if those make you forget your problems for a second,  it works!

3. Taking a Long Shower

Everything always seems to become better after a long shower. Sometimes it's the place where you do your best thinking.  I could be thinking of something about assignments or a great project or even an excellent essay while taking a shower. I know you are suppose to relax,  but something about having the water blasting and raining down on you head helps you see things more clearly. 

4. Take on a new hobby

Often times,  life gets in the way,  and you are so busy with everything that you dont really have time for hobbies. 

When i was a little girl,  i love to draw! It was never good,  but heyy,  i love doing it! And as i get older i found less and less time to draw.  And after a few years,  i stopped altogether.  But now,  whenever i feel stressed or needed to unwind,  i'd pick up my pencil and paper and just start drawing.  It felt really good. 

5. Talking to you family.

We dont always say this,  but family is really important. You may think you value family first,  but in fact,  you have more fun with friends than with family,  am i right?  But family will always be family.  Friends can come and go, they can backstab you but family will always be there for you and will never turn their backs on you.  They may sound harsh and condescending,  but it's only because they love you. 

I always feel relaxed after talking with my family.  We dony do this very often,  but we should. 

6. Go on Pinterest or We Heart It. 

Hahahaha this tip is more of my own personal plessure.  I got excited looking at cute beautiful pictures.  It could either be a landscape,  or a picture of a quote or a really cute picture of just about anything.  And for me,  i can scroll and look at them for ages.  Which is my way to de-stress.  Don't judge me!

7. Soothing sounds or songs. 

Calming sounds of nature can make you feel like you are in a resort.  Or are one with nature.  It's really relaxing.  I did not dub myself as someone who likes that kind of sounds but i found out that these sounds tend to slow my heart rate and my breathing and i would usually fall asleep soon after.  Which is great because usually stress tends to make you an insomnia. 

I know a lot of people tend to say,  they listen to music when they are stress to get a way from their problems,  but to me,  after being in a really stressful situation,  loud music or music with lyrics gave me more of a headache than ever. 

8. Pray :-)

It sounds super cliche,  and you guys probably expect this already,  but praying gives you peace of mind. 

By taking the wudhu,  you will feel somehat calmer than usually.  If ever you feel stressed and you feel like there's just no way out of this problem,  simply pray to God and you will feel instantly relaxed. I was a nerve ball a few months back and everytime i pray,  i always feel like "Hey,  there's a way out of this.  Its not a bad life,  just a bad day. I'm sure there is a reason for everything." 

And it did :-)

ON Monday, May 12, 2014
AT 4:20 PM
I've been absolutely obsess with DIYs and been searching high and low for projects to do on my own.

Not that I actually started doing it, but I just love browsing through videos and pictures of DIY inspiration and thinking one day, I hope I can get up my lazy bum and actually start doing something.

Let get Healthy
ON Thursday, October 17, 2013
AT 2:18 PM
Recently I've been pretty down because I gain a lot of weight (I mean, not a lot, I only gain like 5 kg but it really shows on the face, my arms especially.) So I've been searching for ways to slim down again. And believe me, I'm one of those people that wants to see results, fast. I mean like, if I go on a diet, I wanna see the results like tomorrow. But it doesn't work like that, does it?

So I was pretty down the whole week and I kept exercising and cutting back on food and I would ask people everyday if they see any difference. Most people say no so I almost gave up and started eating without care. Not a lot but still, I ate like I was crazy upset. I didn't gain more weight but I did feel bloated.


I found out about GreenFit from my parents. My dad has some serious sugar problem so he takes this juice and even though its super sweet, his sugar level drop. Which is great! And I read bout the benefits, it says it cleans your digestive system and can keep you in shape. So I started to drink this miracle juice.

Believe me, there were days I won't drink because its super sweet to the point of gagging. But when I do drink it, I would go to the toilet like, 3 times a day just to pass motion. Some people may find it alarming, but I think its a sign that it's clearing up the toxins in my body.

Try and try to pass motion at least once in the morning. How to do this is by eating food with grain or wheat. You know that cereal drink by Nestle? It's awesome cos you feel full right after drinking that. Just that. But of course, don't stop there. Breakfast is important, so do eat something hearty. I don't restrict my eating. To me, I don't want to miss out on the yummy food. That was my goal. To get slimmer without having to cut back on the things I love eating. I exercise and I drink GreenFit sometimes twice a day.

I drink lots of water everyday. I was pretty panicky when I couldn't get one glass of plain water. It really helps to keep me from being constantly hungry, which I happens to me most of the time. It's great to flush out all the toxins that you get when you eat all sorts of things during the day. Awesome for the skin, believe me. I experience it firsthand.

I know other tips include eating vegetables and fruits. I do eat them, but not to the point that i eat it everyday. So i can't say that i do it when i didn't do it on a regular basis. I love Subway Sandwiches cos it gives me excuse to eat more vegetables without actually dreading it cos I don't really like vegetables before. Fruit juices comes in handy for me once a while cos you drink all the goodness without realizing it.


Oh! Here's another tip. For me, when I do pilates, my muscle seems to become bigger and that's not what I wanted to achieve. So if your looking to tone your body, pilates may be good for you. But for me, I want to slim down. So I do Cardio. To be more precise, aerobic cardio dance. It's fun, it gets your heart pumping and you don't feel easily tired cos you basically you're having to much fun to care how long you dance. Honest. I was sweating like crazy by the time I'm done. It's awesome if you dread doing cardio that hurts cos your mind is focus on that. It's not as effective as high intense interval training cardio but it gets the job done without thinking its a burden. Stay healthy the fun way.

I know there are many other ways to lose weight. But honestly, I'm just sticking to these. I want to make small goals but I want to be able to achieve them at my pace and for a more long term result. It's easier to lose a lot at a shorter period, just don't eat. But after that,you're be starving and you'll eat more than you would normally.

The best part is, I guess maybe my journey to slim down sort of make me love my body even more. It's weird, but I stop obsessing over it. Before, I would exercise for the sake of losing weight. But now, I just do it to get my heart rate up and moving. Maybe cos GreenFit took my mind of the losing weight factor. Cos I know its doing its job cos I feel lighter everyday.

This is starting to sound like an advertorial for GreenFit, but honestly, give it a try. Something this good shouldn't be kept a secret :-)

Let's stay healthy together!