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Bloomy Day

Let's De-Stress
ON Monday, May 25, 2015
AT 10:39 AM

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning dunia Blogger.

*rasa macam buat speech depan budak sekolah*

I know a lot of you guys might probably have gone through a lot of stressful events.  Or you guys might feel stress by your surroundings. Or you guys are just born with stress.  *joke dude, joke. *

Whatever the case may be,  i have a few simple tips to help you de-stress,  MYYY WAAAYYY *evil grin*. But honestly,  some of these do actually work. 

1. SLEEPING.  *duh*

It has been proven that with sleep,  you put your brain in a deep sleep which allows it to rest and in a way,  your stress will eventually melt away.  I take this tip Waaayyy to serious because I sleep ALL THE TIME. 

2. Watch A Favourite Movie

I dont really know how legit this is,  but for me,  i cant really watch just any kind of movie.  The ones that i do watch to destress are animes and cartoons because they are too cute and funny and you end up laughing all the time.  My all time favourite anime "CardCaptor Sakura".  Now,  dont judge.  It's actually pretty good.  It was my very first anime that I watch as a kid and still do until now.

It difers for everybody.  You might have a love for action movies,  or even thrillers and if those make you forget your problems for a second,  it works!

3. Taking a Long Shower

Everything always seems to become better after a long shower. Sometimes it's the place where you do your best thinking.  I could be thinking of something about assignments or a great project or even an excellent essay while taking a shower. I know you are suppose to relax,  but something about having the water blasting and raining down on you head helps you see things more clearly. 

4. Take on a new hobby

Often times,  life gets in the way,  and you are so busy with everything that you dont really have time for hobbies. 

When i was a little girl,  i love to draw! It was never good,  but heyy,  i love doing it! And as i get older i found less and less time to draw.  And after a few years,  i stopped altogether.  But now,  whenever i feel stressed or needed to unwind,  i'd pick up my pencil and paper and just start drawing.  It felt really good. 

5. Talking to you family.

We dont always say this,  but family is really important. You may think you value family first,  but in fact,  you have more fun with friends than with family,  am i right?  But family will always be family.  Friends can come and go, they can backstab you but family will always be there for you and will never turn their backs on you.  They may sound harsh and condescending,  but it's only because they love you. 

I always feel relaxed after talking with my family.  We dony do this very often,  but we should. 

6. Go on Pinterest or We Heart It. 

Hahahaha this tip is more of my own personal plessure.  I got excited looking at cute beautiful pictures.  It could either be a landscape,  or a picture of a quote or a really cute picture of just about anything.  And for me,  i can scroll and look at them for ages.  Which is my way to de-stress.  Don't judge me!

7. Soothing sounds or songs. 

Calming sounds of nature can make you feel like you are in a resort.  Or are one with nature.  It's really relaxing.  I did not dub myself as someone who likes that kind of sounds but i found out that these sounds tend to slow my heart rate and my breathing and i would usually fall asleep soon after.  Which is great because usually stress tends to make you an insomnia. 

I know a lot of people tend to say,  they listen to music when they are stress to get a way from their problems,  but to me,  after being in a really stressful situation,  loud music or music with lyrics gave me more of a headache than ever. 

8. Pray :-)

It sounds super cliche,  and you guys probably expect this already,  but praying gives you peace of mind. 

By taking the wudhu,  you will feel somehat calmer than usually.  If ever you feel stressed and you feel like there's just no way out of this problem,  simply pray to God and you will feel instantly relaxed. I was a nerve ball a few months back and everytime i pray,  i always feel like "Hey,  there's a way out of this.  Its not a bad life,  just a bad day. I'm sure there is a reason for everything." 

And it did :-)