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Bloomy Day

Let get Healthy
ON Thursday, October 17, 2013
AT 2:18 PM
Recently I've been pretty down because I gain a lot of weight (I mean, not a lot, I only gain like 5 kg but it really shows on the face, my arms especially.) So I've been searching for ways to slim down again. And believe me, I'm one of those people that wants to see results, fast. I mean like, if I go on a diet, I wanna see the results like tomorrow. But it doesn't work like that, does it?

So I was pretty down the whole week and I kept exercising and cutting back on food and I would ask people everyday if they see any difference. Most people say no so I almost gave up and started eating without care. Not a lot but still, I ate like I was crazy upset. I didn't gain more weight but I did feel bloated.


I found out about GreenFit from my parents. My dad has some serious sugar problem so he takes this juice and even though its super sweet, his sugar level drop. Which is great! And I read bout the benefits, it says it cleans your digestive system and can keep you in shape. So I started to drink this miracle juice.

Believe me, there were days I won't drink because its super sweet to the point of gagging. But when I do drink it, I would go to the toilet like, 3 times a day just to pass motion. Some people may find it alarming, but I think its a sign that it's clearing up the toxins in my body.

Try and try to pass motion at least once in the morning. How to do this is by eating food with grain or wheat. You know that cereal drink by Nestle? It's awesome cos you feel full right after drinking that. Just that. But of course, don't stop there. Breakfast is important, so do eat something hearty. I don't restrict my eating. To me, I don't want to miss out on the yummy food. That was my goal. To get slimmer without having to cut back on the things I love eating. I exercise and I drink GreenFit sometimes twice a day.

I drink lots of water everyday. I was pretty panicky when I couldn't get one glass of plain water. It really helps to keep me from being constantly hungry, which I happens to me most of the time. It's great to flush out all the toxins that you get when you eat all sorts of things during the day. Awesome for the skin, believe me. I experience it firsthand.

I know other tips include eating vegetables and fruits. I do eat them, but not to the point that i eat it everyday. So i can't say that i do it when i didn't do it on a regular basis. I love Subway Sandwiches cos it gives me excuse to eat more vegetables without actually dreading it cos I don't really like vegetables before. Fruit juices comes in handy for me once a while cos you drink all the goodness without realizing it.


Oh! Here's another tip. For me, when I do pilates, my muscle seems to become bigger and that's not what I wanted to achieve. So if your looking to tone your body, pilates may be good for you. But for me, I want to slim down. So I do Cardio. To be more precise, aerobic cardio dance. It's fun, it gets your heart pumping and you don't feel easily tired cos you basically you're having to much fun to care how long you dance. Honest. I was sweating like crazy by the time I'm done. It's awesome if you dread doing cardio that hurts cos your mind is focus on that. It's not as effective as high intense interval training cardio but it gets the job done without thinking its a burden. Stay healthy the fun way.

I know there are many other ways to lose weight. But honestly, I'm just sticking to these. I want to make small goals but I want to be able to achieve them at my pace and for a more long term result. It's easier to lose a lot at a shorter period, just don't eat. But after that,you're be starving and you'll eat more than you would normally.

The best part is, I guess maybe my journey to slim down sort of make me love my body even more. It's weird, but I stop obsessing over it. Before, I would exercise for the sake of losing weight. But now, I just do it to get my heart rate up and moving. Maybe cos GreenFit took my mind of the losing weight factor. Cos I know its doing its job cos I feel lighter everyday.

This is starting to sound like an advertorial for GreenFit, but honestly, give it a try. Something this good shouldn't be kept a secret :-)

Let's stay healthy together!