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5 Natural Sunburn Soothers | MichellePhan.com
ON Monday, August 5, 2013
AT 6:46 AM

5 Natural Sunburn Soothers | MichellePhan.com:

Saw this at Michelle Phan's website and although I don't normally get sunburn (I don't get out much) , these sunburn soothers are great for the skin in terms of other purpose as well.

For example,

#Oatmeal :- I used to use this as a cleanser (Thanks to Bubzbeauty) and it's a natural organic cleanser that works great for those who have sensitive skin (Like Me.)

#Tomatoes :- Eating it on its own will give your body and skin a natural glow from the inside. I think it helps to brighten skin too.

#Yogurt :- I used to mix this with oatmeal to make a face mask, or use it on its own. It's a great way to hydrate the skin and making it soft and supple. Like a baby's butt.

#Apple Cider Vinegar :- I learnt from Bubzbeauty that ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) can actually lighten up your scars due to acne and all that fun stuff. I used to religiously spray this on (1:4 ratio of this vinegar and water) but because of its strong pungent smell, I stopped using it.

(Didn't know much about Black Coffee though. Sorry!)

Anyways, that's it for now!

P/s This "Blog It" extension in Google Chrome is pretty handy if you're super lazy to copy links because you'll just click to the website you want and click on the "Blog It" extension and WALLAHHH, you get the link and the title of the page you're viewing. Pretty awesome.