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Bloomy Day

Ozone Therapy - My Experience
ON Sunday, February 24, 2013
AT 6:17 PM
Alrighty, today is all about getting healthy.

Ozone Therapy has been around for a long time, but is starting to garner fast followers. ( Lambat betul lah kan dapat berita benda-benda bagus nie) Bak kata Mr. Wikipedia :

Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine treatment that purports to increase the amount of oxygen to the body through the introduction of ozone into the body

So, Ozone therapy is basically sort of a treatment that puts oxygen right into your blood. And it can remove toxins in your body. And cholesterol. - Yes, it's awesome. Plus expensive. But it works.

My dad have been going to Ozone Therapy treatment for some time now and he never looked better. He's getting more healthy. But of course, it's pretty expensive. And you have to go to the treatment for some time. Or according to the doctor. It depends and it's different for everybody.


That's my Dad's story. Here is mine.

I have been to the Ozone Therapy for about 2 times. The first time went smoothly, until it got to the point where they were going to inject in vitamins into my system. A certain vitamin injected suddenly made my heart pumped so fast that I was gasping for air and I can't feel any air come through my lungs. It's alarming, but after a drink of water, I calmed down. That was my first time.

My second time, was about months away after the first time. So, that morning, I ate Char Koey Tiau at the hawker's stall and me,my sis and dad went straight to the ozone therapy place.  We went in there, and watch the CZ-12 movie that they were playing and it was funny and everything, so I don't even notice them pricking both my arm.

(FYI, ozone therapy requires pricking 1 arm to get the blood, cholesterol and toxins and go through the machine, put in oxygen in the blood, and the other arm to put the oxygenated blood back in.)

Continuing on, about 45 minutes, I started to feel my stomach getting empty and I was feeling EXTREMELY hungry. After a few minutes, I started to feel a pain in my chest and stomach. At first it was tolerable, but after some time, it got worse and I started to wriggle in pain. After a while, I started feeling nauseous and I felt like throwing up. The thing is, the people that worked there did not hand me anything to throw up in, except for my sister, who hands me a cup which was too small for me to throw up in. In the end, I just threw up on the floor until they got me a plastic bag.

After that, I started to lie on the floor, all the while still wriggling in pain because the pain in my stomach and chest got even worse by the second. They gave me 2 antibiotic to ease the pain, but it wasnt working, so it was unbearable. I wanted to go to the toilet, so they had to pick me up and my sister had to enter with me, just in case I pass out in there. Getting out of the toilet, I had to crawl out because the pain becomes even worse to the point I started crying and kept asking them to put me under (unconscious) because it's unbearable. My dad and sister kept telling me it's gonna be alright. I even crawled under a bed because I just want something to hold on to, but if people touch me, it became uncomfortable. At one point, I was wriggling like someone who was possessed. My sister even got scared by the state of me crawling on the floor and started lying down and wriggling like crazy because the pain was like being stabbed in the chest. I lay on the floor because the coldness of the floor is soothing to my stomach. After about 2 hours of battling the excruciating pain, I feel asleep. And when I woke up, the pain had subdued.

My dad wanted me to eat a lot after the incident because I was super tired and super hungry that he bought me a lot of my favourite food. My mom was really worried because she said that I lack of blood and it's dangerous for me to be doing that, but I didn't know.

My dad said that my condition was almost alike when my mom was giving birth. It's excruciating and it made me scared of child birth. Kudos to those who have done it the first time, and even more kudos to those who have done it many times.


I'm not trying to scare people by saying all of this, because Ozone Therapy is honestly a good treatment. To SOME. Not all. If you think you have low blood concentration like me, it's not a good idea. Plus, don't go there after you ate "Char Koey Tiau". Bad Idea.

My dad have been there several time, and is just fine. In fact, even better. All I'm saying is, go there if you're condition isn't like mine, and that you really need the oxygen in your blood, and you need to take out the cholesterol and toxins in your body. If you don't need it, it'll be a waste of money. It might even be deadly.

Just research before you decide to do something. But this treatment is really good because you'll have a healthier body :)